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how I work

Convinced that everything is possible in its own time, I leave the pace and the way forward in the responsibility of my clients. You remain key actors and create. I am your sparring partner.

As a proponent of clarity, I am used to find solutions without „magically“ removing obstacles. I support you by helping you clear them away piece by piece. It‘s important to me to keep the focus and to walk the path steadily.

As disturbances rarely disappear on their own, they should take priority. I give them the necessary attention in processes so that they are transformed into winning energy.

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career and further training

Lic.phil. Psychologist, University of Bern

Mediator, inmedio Berlin

Coach IOBC, Trigon

Organizational development, Trigon

Languages: d, f, e

Personnel and organizational development, moderator, lecturer, intercultural cooperation, leadership experience, HR management,

Child and Adolescent Psychologist

Cooperations & Network

Nicole & Roland with humour & professionalism

in the communication trainings:

Nicole Gross with precision:

Adina with her creativity for the illustrations:

Yvonne with her patience for the graphics & website:

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